Enter the tenth British Contemporary Piano Competition. The deadline for applications is 1 October 2016


Regrettably it has not been possible to raise adeq


Round 1

Total playing time: 20 minutes

The competitor must perform at least two works:

     •     a work or movement from the piano works of Bartók, Bax, Copland, Hindemith, Ireland, Ives, Janácek, Nielsen, Stravinsky or Schoenberg; and

     •     a work chosen by the competitor, published or unpublished, composed since 1980.

Round 2

Total playing time: 25 minutes

The competitor must perform:

     •     SET PIECE

and works chosen from the following:

     •     Berio Sequenza IV (Universal)

     •     Carter Sonata - first movement (Mercury)

     •     Crumb Processional* (Peters)

     •     Finnissy Any piano work (Oxford)

     •     Ligeti Études for piano - own selection (Schott)

     •     Messiaen Any solo work (Leduc, Universal, Durand)

     •     Rzewski Any piano work (Zen-on Piano Library)

     •     Sciarrino One of the Sonatas (Ricordi)

     •     Stockhausen Piano Piece 9 or 10 (Universal)

     •     Tippett One of the Piano Sonatas (or movement) (Schott)

     •     Ustwolskaya One of the Sonatas (Sikorski)

     •     Xenakis Mists (Salabert)

*Competitors choosing this work should not take the ossia which requires playing on the inside of the piano.

Round 3 (final)

Total playing time: 45 minutes

The competitor must perform the following works:

     •     a) SET PIECE, usually for piano and tape; and

     •     b) their own choice of works composed since 1980, including at least one work by a British composer. One of the works may have been performed in an earlier round.


Repertoire is listed for guidance only. The final repertoire list will be published in due course.